Usable, Accesable and Scalable. Every cryoplant comes with a lesson from user’s fable. We worked with clients valued our strategic work focused to create a Progressive Design Language (PDL) that hits all three of these criterias.

The idea behind of the PDL is simple: bringing the intelligent, easy and on-demand operation next to you. Experience, knowledge and ideas come together to create one of a kind product with a consistent design development than ever before, for a user friendly LN2 consumption. Then, the world's first portable stand-alone nitrogen liquifiers was released. Easy installation and unlimited mobility are most desirable benefits of a wheeled platform concept which is the key differantiating factor for usability and accesability. 


All the products arrive as a plug-and-produce system with a fully integrated design, which makes the cryogenics as simple as one-button-operation. This simplicity allows the usage of cryoplants and gas generators in the research laboratories, in-vitro fertilization (IVF) centers, clean rooms and many more environments. Advanced alarm management system designed to integrate more friendly with the user, decrasing user burden while increasing user accesability.

Simply, make the electrical connection and start producing your own cryogen!


CNP60 is the first member of our cryoplants providing high performance LN2 production requiring low maintenance operation. Then, the-modularly-designed CNP120 appeared which has a capacity of 120 lt/day originally and expandable up to 240 lt/day. Each of standardized modules can be built independently, tested independently and stand on their own until the main module is ready to accept them when you want to increase your plant production capacity.

Modular design has so many benefits for cryoplant customers, both from an economy standpoint and an efficiency standpoint as they allow for incremental upgrades as opposed to replacing an entire unit. Modular design is the present and future of design.

Cryogenic Nitrogen Plant
CNP 120

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Cryogenic Nitrogen Plant
CNP 180

Cryogenic Nitrogen Plant
CNP 240

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Expand the capacity of your
Cryoplant as needed...

Maximum Storage Density
& Longest Holding Time for a Cryogenic Storage System

Imtek Cryogenics - Cryogenic Storage System 120 (CSS120) provides stable cryogenic storage and easy sample retrieval of up to 8400 1.5/2.0 ml vials in a square rack. This LN2 freezer has worlds maximum storage density (70 vials/L) and the longest holding time. The CSS120 can be operated in vapor, although engineered for storage in liquid using liquid storage accesory packs.

Customer Specific
Engineering Solutions

Imtek Cryogenics is a full-service cryogenic engineering company; providing innovative solutions to unique cryogenic problems. Our experienced engineers will assist you with the design, analysis, fabrication and testing of the cryogenic systems with cooling capacities between 0.1 W and 2 kW. Stirling and Gifford McMahon crycoolers make it possible for our systems to provide temperatures ranging from 200 K (-75°C) down to 2 K (-271°C).

Our cryogenic systems; can produce cryogens for Healthcare, LNG and Biogas, Research, Universities and Industry; or re-liquefy cold gas in closed loop systems for Observatories, Space simulation chambers, MRI or NMR magnet cooling, cryogenic test and measurement systems.

Imtek Cryogenics, always has the efficient cryogenic solution for your needs and the dedicated service team to support you.