Cryogenic Storage System

120 Liter

Imtek Cryogenics - Cryogenic Storage System 120 (CSS120) provides stable cryogenic storage and easy sample retrieval of up to 8400 1.5/2.0 ml vials in a square outer package. This LN2 freezer has worlds maximum storage density (70 vials/L) and the longest holding time. The CSS120 can be operated in vapor, although engineered for storage in liquid using liquid storage accesory packs.

The control system continually monitors and records parameters like freezer top temperature, 4 bottom temperature, LN2 level and supply tank pressure at fixed interval, manages auto filling when needed and provides audio/visual alarms based on a triggered alarm by advanced alarm management system which allows send e-mails and text messeages to various recipients. All the data are stored in the controller, which are available at any time to check the operating status of freezer, insuring sample safety. Meanwhile, history data can be transferred into a computer.

CSS120 has two LN2 filling option; auto and manual. By default, auto mode will fill LN2 into freezer. However, when auto mode fails, manual valve located at the back can be used to fill LN2 to ensure normal LN2 supply. The tiny crystals of the samples in vapor nitrogen is in glass transition. When LN2 is poured into the freezer, the strenous vibration will cause fatal influence to samples.

  • Can be used for liquid or vapor storage
  • Fully automatic LN2 Level control and temperature monitoring
  • Autofill features
  • Tracks and displays LN2 consumption
  • Defined audio/visual alarms including High Temperature, Low Level, Liquid Usage, Fill Timeout and more
  • No maintanence
  • Transportable in emergency cases
  • 5 liquid level sensors are available to control liquid level and refill
  • Safety password protection at different levels
  • Optional backup battery provides a full load of up to three days of operation including LN2 auto-filling